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Our team deals with all matters concerning property law, real estate transactions, property management, estate planning and administration. Moreover, our team undertakes real estate disputes and acts on behalf of families of which a member lacks legal and/ or mental ability to exercise their property rights. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Title Deeds

  • Conveyancing (by sale/gift) 

  • Registration of Easements (roads)

  • Drafting leaser, licences and sales / purchase agreements

  • Drafting vesting contracts and vesting of security contracts

  • Settlements of boundaries disputes

  • Cases of Acquisitions and Requisitions

  • Trapped Buyers 

  • Encumbrances and prohibitions 

  • Disposal of state land

  • Division of land 

  • Listed buildings 

  • Development of land (Division of land into building sites)

  • Demarcation of properties 

  • Advice on land law and tenant disputes 

  • Environmental Planning  

  • Tax Valuation

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