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Our firm’s real estate specialist deals with all matters concerning property law, real estate transactions, property management, estate planning and administration, and all the documents to be submitted in the Land Registry Department.

Our legal expert provides legal advice both to individuals as well as corporations.


Our law office undertakes inheritance cases. More specifically, our team specialised in drafting wills and testimonies, and re-sealing of United Kingdom's probate orders in order to help our clients in their estate planning and ensuring the financial future of their loved ones. Our law office further, undertakes the administration of the property of deceased people in order for all the property, movable and immovable to end up to the beneficiaries. Our team works with international clients who live in Cyprus in order to take advantage of Cypriot Probate legislation according to which no inheritance tax is imposed.

Our services, but not limited to:

  • Drafting Wills

  • Obtaining the Grand of Probate 

  • Advising and helping executors as well as administrators to carry out their obligations

  • Resealing of Wills for non - Cypriot citizens

  • Appearing before the Courts for disputes within the family members

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