WOW Cyprus is a Business Development Firm based in Nicosia (Cyprus). Established in November 2019 and founded by Mrs. Eva Pourkou.

WOW Cyprus is specialized in the deployment of services to support companies and small – medium-sized enterprises, wishing to achieve business and personal growth by an international expansion strategy and needing experienced management and representation. We work closely with WOW Cyprus and concretely participate in the development of our clients, especially to the ones interested in the sector of investments in Cyprus.

Our target is their competitiveness, the improvement of their efficiency and market effectiveness. WOW Cyprus can provide comprehensive support to enterprises through the preparation of business plans and up to the implementation of detailed marketing and commercial deployment strategies.

WOW Cyprus supports companies needing experienced management and representation, even for international initiatives, by pursuing excellence and innovations through the culture of Team commitment and accountability.


We understand that the business world is changing and we want to help our clients evolve with it.